Here’s just a glimpse of the dramatic changes my clients are experiencing. These are the miracles that I get to witness every day and be a part of. With my life experiences, I realize that the highs, the lows, the obesity, the exhilaration, the depression, the wins and the losses are all gifts. These gifts molded together, gave me a recipe to win in life. They give me an opportunity to help others who carry the same deep soul tears and scars that I had. I genuinely know I was destined to help people to change their lives. This life is an experience that I would never want to miss.

These results are not unusual they are typical!

What my clients are saying….

 TINY KEY ~ “Coach Cherie gave me my life back! I moved out and got my own apartment, I lost 25 pounds, I am working on my music career full time, and I faced one of my biggest fears of performing and got a lot of my personal power back. I know Cherie really cares about my wellbeing and my life. She wants to see me accomplish every single one of my goals and has my best interest at heart. She would call to check on me and would allow me to make calls to her during the week when I needed it.”

She helped me to realize that success is made up of breaking the bigger goals into smaller goals and focusing on that. She is completely honest with me and completely supportive!

She has an intuition that makes each session get to the real issue of whatever is blocking me from achieving my goals.

I had given up on myself and my goals until I began working with Cherie. She helped me to face up to the fears that were holding me back.

I now have the ability to take action by having Coach Cherie guide me and keep me on track so I am never straying far from the goal I am pursuing. Cherie also helped me with setting priorities and realizing what goals I really wanted to achieve.

I would hire Coach Cherie again because she completely changed my life for the better. Her results speak for themselves. Everyone who knows me saw how much my life improved in three months of working with Cherie. Your coaching really did change my life. Thank you!

TINY KEY~Carla Holden, Singer Songwriter

~ “When I first met Cherie, it was during one of the most depressing, sad and scary times in my life – a separation from my husband of 22 years, and being on my own for the first time in a very long time. The impact Cherie has had on my life is profound. She has encouraged me to look inside in ways I never thought I could or even wanted to. She made me look at why I say, do and think the way I do and how damaging those thoughts and actions are in my ability to grow, be strong and self-assured. I find myself stronger, more articulate, able to handle difficult situations and feel good about how I handled it. Cherie often says to “speak your truth” which at first did not mean anything to me because I was always fearful. And had been the “peacemaker” for so long. As I started to learn about me and that I really do have a voice, I understand what she meant and found it a lot more rewarding to use the voice that had been buried for so long. Not that everyone agrees with me or accepts what I say – which I’ve also learned is OK — but the ability to say it is quite freeing. I have a way to go but I know that Cherie will be there to help me over the speed bumps coming my way. She is a strong light in my life.

Cherie comes from a place of knowledge – she’s “been there, done that.” She’s the real deal. Her power comes from having lived through a lot of the same crap we’ve all had to deal with so her knowledge is genuine and true.   Cherie and I have never met – we’ve done all our work over the phone. HOWEVER, she reads the tone in my voice, recognizes the pause in my sentence, knows when I’m nervous – it’s amazing. From the time she picks up the phone and I say my “hello”, she seems to know if something is wrong, if I’m happy, sad or faking it. I have been in counseling most of my life – couple, family and individual. In only a few months of working with Cherie, I am a completely different person and have gone deeper into myself than years and years of therapy did.

As stated, I’ve worked with many, many therapists, counselors and other mental health professionals for individual counseling, and family counseling…. All have been very ineffective. Cherie has made me go deeper than anyone else has ever done and has impacted my life and my ability to be me than anyone I’ve ever worked with. She has a unique perspective and intuition – she is not afraid to challenge me in the spirit of making me go deeper to really get at the truth. Because of that, I would not hesitate to call her about anything because I know, even though it may be painful, she will get through to the core issue to help me overcome.

For most of my life I have been afraid of speaking my truth, of confrontation, and of being afraid to be alone. Facing the fact that my life was changing and I had to quickly grow up, I had no choice but to move forward in this next chapter of my life. Cherie has given me the tools and introspection to move forward, to live and speak my truth and to be me. Although, I do still have a ways to go, my time with Cherie is not over.

TINY KEY~Kim Miller, Business Online Marketing 

~ “Just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you have been to and FOR me. I used to be apprehensive about our session…you have a way of cutting through me and nailing the truth. Scary but, healing. I know I have a long way to go and still have some hard work to do. You are the most unique person who has come into my life and I am more than grateful.”

It’s interesting, I’m having a tough time right now, but I learned from Cherie to listen to my gut and take action instead of sitting in the fear. That’s exactly what I’m doing, putting an action plan into place, taking those actions and feeling better already. Cherie helped me to identify some areas in my life I had fear about and gave me do-able steps to take. She listened with care and compassion and never judged, only encouraged. She is a “coach” in the true sense of the word. I have since had the courage to pick up my guitar and take lessons and sell a home I lived in for 21 years because I told myself it’s not possible for me to have the home of my dreams. I now have that home of my dreams I never imagined I could have. I am now going to take the necessary steps to come up with a plan to retire and move on to other interests. I’m scared, but I learned I can get information I need to make that decision rather than sitting in fear.

Thank you so much for everything. You truly are a blessing in my life.

TINY KEY~Joan Ekman

~ The most powerful result of my work with Cherie Meagher is that I absolutely believe that what I want for my life can happen. I heard people talk about using business coaches in the past but thought it didn’t apply to me.  From the ground up, we made a plan for a new business, which will add to my current income the money I want for financial freedom and for career options. The voices in my head have been replaced by some of Cherie’s mantras, like “let’s go make some money.” She reads me accurately because I would have spent months perfecting the business plan, making sure every brochure was perfect and that product samples were the best. She gave me the courage to start making my sales calls before any of that happened so that I could actually start making money. Fear is powerful and Cherie’s encouraging style and professionalism gave me the knowledge and confidence to move ahead.

In my teaching profession, there have been issues of conflict that have been extremely intense. Cherie is without a doubt, my diplomacy coach. She has taught me how to be a professional and to negotiate with colleagues, rather than to try to beat them. She’s able to change my attitude entirely regarding these conflicts and I approach them now in a completely different way. I’m not only more effective at my place of employment, but I’m earning the respect of my colleagues and administrators with my professional approach to issues. It’s very real when she works with you to achieve the successes you want. She also made me feel so incredibly safe. The challenges are scary, but her nurturing spirit relieved my anxiety and convinced me that I would be okay with every step I took. That never failed to be true.  I have not had these results with anyone else despite several years of therapy. I will now be able to afford a more comfortable lifestyle, have options in my life that I could not afford to have and my relationships with people will be smoother. Thank you especially for learning how to respect myself in such a way that others respect me for it! What a change. 

Cherie, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the work you’ve done with me. The old ways just weren’t working anymore. I barely know who the hell is writing down all these “wins”, but I really like her– Me!

TINY KEY~Sandy Marcos, Teacher/Business Owner Greeting Card Industry         

~At the start of coaching Cherie directed me to set goals for myself and for our coaching work. Our work together felt very focused and I never felt that I was wasting time or money.   I was aware that I needed help to accomplish my goals as I felt very “stuck” in my life.

Coach Cherie taught me to prioritize goals and guided me to accomplish them. Coaching with Cherie was all about my succeeding and accomplishing my own goals as quickly as possible. She was very honest and practical which I valued. What was surprising to me was the depth of her caring and gentleness which made it amazingly easy to address difficult and potentially embarrassing issues. Through the coaching experience I find I am much more loving and gentle with myself physically and emotionally. Coach Cherie is very intuitive. She very quickly put her finger on several of my core issues which I had never been able to resolve until I worked with her.

Coaching not only got me 100% more organized, it also resulted in my setting limits and facing some serious codependency issues which were causing serious health problems. I now am able to exercise regularly (I do not love exercise), and have dropped a variety of bad habits which were very painful and replaced them with good ones. My relationships have improved and my self-respect has returned. I became a much more productive and happier person following personal coaching.

TINY KEY~Regina Eldred, Social Worker 

~ “How has my life improved? This question would be easy to answer if you asked me what has NOT changed in my life since working with Cherie. My home is neater, my paperwork is better organized, my weight is down, my hair is longer, I no longer need to wait for my face to get slapped before I take action. I wrote a book and have sold over 9,000 copies. Yes, my life has improved!

After working with Coach Cherie, I noticed definite improvements in that I do not play the victim role. I see how I can enhance a situation, not what I can take from it. I take action and leave the results up to G-D (Law of Detachment- boy was that profound!). My relations with my family and friends are better. In fact, there isn’t anyone in my life that I don’t get along with. I have more money than I’ve ever had; I started dating and have a clearer idea of what I want in a mate. I’ve created systems that make my life flow easier and little things do not bother me so much because I take care of them while they are still small. I am more gracious and inspiring, which is how I want to be in the world

Coach Cherie got me out of my own way and got the results I’ve wanted for so long. She did this by inspiring me, pointing things out to me, clearly explaining to me why I do what I do, and by me believing in her direction.

Cherie coaches what she knows, she is empathic, works as hard as I do, pushes me even when it’s uncomfortable, and makes me feel like I’m her only client. She is smart, patient, reliable, professional and trustworthy.

Cherie, Thank you. I wouldn’t be growing at this (rapid) rate without you. Your guidance is amazing, as are you.

TINY KEY~“Charlotte”, Published Author / Educator 

  ~“Coach Cherie helped me through a difficult time in my life when my sense of confidence was shattered. Not only was she encouraging and supportive with positive “cheering on”, but she enlightened me to use tools that I could use in life to help break through areas where I felt weak. I practiced these new skills until they felt comfortable. Eventually the “You Can Do It” encouragement from Coach Cherie turned to “You Did it!”

There was a time when I lacked the confidence and verbal prowess to make and take the action. Cherie walked me through that. Now I run a division in a successful company with a team who respects my confident decision. This change is a direct result of my relationship with Coach Cherie.       

TINY KEY~Teri Ann, Director of Catering & Events

~My relationship with my husband has improved. We are able to share our truths with each other and have a more transparent relationship. My life has most changed however, because I began to take the focus off my husband as the blame for my marriage and life not working and began to focus on myself as the reason for my life and marriage not working. My biggest breakthrough that I experienced is standing up for myself, having courage to face my fears as well as face people and have difficult conversations. My biggest success is that I faced my fear of speaking my truth to others and the fear of letting someone down. I began to rely on myself (and the power within me) versus “She, He, It, and They”. Coach Cherie also helped me get organized and create a filing system which has transformed my life. She is blessed with the knowledge and intuition to pinpoint the problem, make it clear to the client, have the client see THEIR OWN part and then coach the client into taking action and creating results.

TINY KEY~Sandy Younan 

Success Stories…

TINY KEY~ Janis & Mike (names have been changed) are a couple in their early 40’s who are in serious trouble in all aspects of their lives.

Mike left a job three years ago that provided income and security to pursue his childhood dream of owning a business with his brothers. What he believed would be wonderful has turned into a disaster. He doesn’t enjoy the business and is not excelling. His income has been cut by a third, he can’t make a business relationship work with his siblings and the conflicts of his job are causing terrible stress in his marriage.

When I intervened, Mike was often up until 1:00 A.M. playing computer games and not even going to work two out of five days. He was unable to confront the issues and unable to cope.

Janis has gone from the beginning of a happy marriage to a nightmare. Lack of money has caused tremendous difficulties; the most significant of which is not being able to start a family. In order to stop the rising debt which is now $90,000, she needed to take on a job. She feels her life is clicking by and the hopes of building a home and family together is a dream she may never realize.

Through our work together, Mike has now confronted the deep issues of why he is in the space he is. By examining his relationship with his siblings and realizing the dynamics of it, he has gained an insight that has given him tremendous confidence. Recently he has sold his part of the business and has gone back to a full time job where he feels more comfortable and secure. At the same time he is studying for a new career in the evenings. By confronting the truths of himself, he has been able to let go of the fantasy and begin building a life based on reality.

For Janis, the goal of being a stay-at-home mom is now in sight. By inventorying their lives and finances she has come to see what is needed from her to work as a partner with her husband. Instead of anger and fear, she contributes both financially, emotionally and assertively to the marriage. She is not afraid to voice her truth or opinion that is both valid and helpful to the marriage bond. They have become a true team.

TINY KEY~ Holly 45 years old and 68 pounds overweight, hadn’t dated in ten years. She had never been in a serious relationship. She lived her life in a state of vagueness constantly taking from the outside and trying to feed the inside. All of this led to a life of discontentment and depression. Her job was at a dead-end and something she had no passion or hopes for. She was alone with no future and no happiness.

After working with me she has lost 68 pounds and more importantly, maintained a healthy body weight. She now goes on an average of 7 dates a month.

Regarding work, she has now focused on a special area of her profession and has aggressively put her energies in that direction. She attends seminars, conferences and meetings where she is gathering data that is enabling her to write her first book; a goal that she has wanted for five years. She has now completed the first three chapters and her dream is within sight. Bottom line: her life works.

TINY KEY~Lenore, age 53. Her number one fear in life is insecurity. Insecurity for who she is and insecure about the future especially retirement. Nothing in her life worked. Her second marriage was in trouble, her job was boring and going nowhere; she had no future. Mentally she was locked into a constant state of anxiety that drained her energy and left her with an inability to complete even the basic accomplishments that could better her life.

After two months of working together, she is beginning to blossom from a shut-down wallflower into a vibrant woman who knows what she wants and how she is going to get it. Her marriage is on track again. She has begun the process of analyzing her realities when it comes to retirement and is partnering with her husband to make that happen. The procrastination has stopped. She has learned to find value in all things including her job and is now building the positive instead of the negative.

Recently Lenore was asked to give a presentation at her company which she delivered beautifully. She would not have even thought of doing this before working with me – she would have called in sick. She has begun playing the guitar again; a real joy to Lenore which she has neglected for over two years. Now she performs regularly in front of family and friends and enjoys the pleasure that playing an instrument gives her. And she realizes how vital to her self-worth it really is.

~ What Will Your Success Story be???TINY KEY

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